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What our customers are saying

Over the past 30 years, including over 20 as a general contractor, I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of families as we remodeled their homes. Below is a sampling of the feedback we’ve received. I believe our clients have been so pleased with our service because we strive equally to deliver an end result based upon what the client wants AND provide an experience that matches how they want to work with a contractor.

Not only did the end result of our bathroom remodel come as close to perfection as I could imagine, but the process was enjoyable. Bonny approaches her work with a great deal of integrity. She listened to our desires and was very approachable, communicative and responsive

John Paul J.

After having a bad experience with the first contractor, we hired Bonny Weil General Contractor to renovate two bathrooms in our home—master and hallway baths. Bonny and team helped us clean up the mess the first contractor had left and partnered with us to complete the bathrooms from start to finish. We collaborated throughout the project. Bonny and team took great care to live up to our detailed expectations. They listened to what we wanted and were extremely patient with us. While we were away for a few weeks during the renovation, Bonny kept us informed regarding the progress at home and involved us on decisions that needed to be made on time-sensitive issues. Bonny communicated and partnered with us every step of the way throughout the project. As a result, the bathrooms turned out the way we envisioned. We are very fortunate to have found Bonny and her team

Richard and Hnin T.

Bonny was very clear, took the time to explain things, and she did what she promised. She was very honest and finished the jobs on time, which is huge for a homeowner when their house is torn up.

Rebecca L.

Bonny Weil has been our contractor of choice for several large projects including siding, window, porch, deck, and stairway replacement. She also worked with us to creatively “hide” an unattractive gas meter and “camouflage” other utility equipment. She is attentive to client needs and requests, and her well-considered advice on project scope makes sense in terms of both practicality and esthetics. Professional and courteous, she and her crew do high-quality work. In contrast to experiences we have had with other contractors, Bonny is personable, shows attention to detail, and provides easy-to-understand invoices at designated project milestones. Most importantly, Bonny is responsive to questions and concerns, and — compared with some other contractors we have worked with — never “goes dark”. We look forward to working with her again!

Andrea B.

I liked the exchange of ideas with her. We gave her our suggestions then she gave us her suggestions, and together we figured out the best way to do the job.

Kathy C.

She was extremely professional, honest, creative, and solved all of our construction problems. She showed up every day, and her job site was always left neat. The job was great. I’ve used some other contractors, but she was really tops.

Louis D.

She is very responsive and meticulous. She follows up on emails and phone calls. If you tell her something doesn’t seem right and you send a picture, she looks at it and sends a crew right out. We will probably hire her for a third job.

Caryn L.

general contractor client comments

We hired Bonny to be our general contractor for a master bedroom addition on our 1950’s era ranch house. Bonny did a great job orchestrating the work of the architect, subcontractors, and inspectors. Bonny was very honest and earnest in her dealings with us and had our trust throughout the project. The master bedroom turned out exactly as we wished and we think it is beautiful.

Richard M.

High quality work, honest, and a lot of integrity, she’s a good listener and a great problem solver. She is easy to work with. She is on time and on budget. The quality of her work is outstanding. We interviewed three contractors when we started the project. We were the most impressed with Bonny

Jane G.

Bonny and her crew remodeled our master bathroom for us, and we liked her work so much, we called her again when we were ready for a kitchen update! She is a quality contractor, and master communicator, and I knew from how she approached our initial project conversations she would be a good match for my husband and myself. She uses high quality materials, is thorough, stays on calendar and budget, and has high expectations for her workers. Regardless of what was being done during the day, when the workers left at the end of the day, our house was neat and cleaned from the days work.
Bonny has remodeled several kitchens or bathrooms in the neighborhood, and I have heard nothing but the highest praise.

Russell S.

She did what she said she would do and she did it on time. She used good materials

Steve S.

Bonny was very thorough and her communication was great. She told me what to expect and when things were going to come up.

Michael S.

She was independently responsible for each aspect of the job as it went along. I liked her sense of accountability. I liked the fact that she was extremely organized and forthright about the scope of the project. Everything was filed properly and there was a perfect paper trail for everything. Any changes that we needed were made within an hour. She was fast and very efficient.

Katherine W.

She was here when she said she would be here. When she had to sub-contract some work out, she made sure we liked the sub-contractor. Everything was done the way we wanted it, and it was done on time. She was great.

Toni T.


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